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Note: Microsoft released a series of updates to their SmartScreen trust system that changed the way the SmartScreen recognizes to EV Code Signing certificates. These are still the best Code Signing certificates available, but they no longer instantly remove SmartScreen warnings.

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Comodo EV Code Signing certificate

Comodo EV Code Signing - Sign software with confidence and boost your reputation on Microsoft SmartScreen

In 2019, simply signing software with a standard code signing certificate isn’t guaranteed to get the job done. Antivirus programs and browser filters have grown more skeptical of websites and downloads—they’re doing more to protect their users. The only surefire way to assert maximum identity – enough to satisfy even the most rigorous filters, like Microsoft SmartScreen – is with a Comodo EV Code Signing certificate

By submitting to an extended validation you’ll be able to assert maximum publisher identity. This means even the newest software developers can get their downloads trusted by the SmartScreen filter—something a standard code signing certificate definitely can’t say. Best of all, to add an additional layer of security – given the power of your EV signature – your private key will be delivered on a physical hardware token.

Encryption Strength

Your Comodo EV Code Signing certificate signs software with a 2,048-bit RSA signature key. In layman’s terms it would take a supercomputer over a quadrillion years (that's a real number) to guess your key and spoof your signature.

Peace of Mind

Comodo Code Signing products have been helping software developers and publishers assert identity and code integrity for over 20 years. By applying your digital signature to your software, not only will users know who made it—they'll know that it hasn't been tampered with, too.

Fast and Easy Validation

Comodo Extended Validation/EV Code Signing certificates require a complete business vetting prior to issuance. Because of the power an EV signature affords, Comodo needs to ensure that you are indeed an active, registered, legitimate software developer. This can take up to a five business days, but can be expedited in most cases.


  • Microsoft Authenticode
  • Microsoft Windows 8 & 10
  • Microsoft Office & VBA
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Adobe AIR
  • Java
  • Mozilla

Cheap Price

We sell the Comodo EV Code Signing certificate for just $279.47/yr , you won't find a cheaper EV Code Signing certificate anywhere on the internet. We guarantee it.

Features and Benefits of Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate

  • Signs software with 2048-bit RSA Signature Key
  • Asserts maximum publisher identity
  • Actively monitors for software integrity
  • Signs software for all major platforms
  • Issued in 1-5 Business Days
  • Signed off the Comodo CA roots
  • Valid up to 24 months
  • Timestamping keeps signatures valid

Comodo EV Code Signing Certificates can support:

  • Windows 8
  • Any Microsoft format (32- and 64-bit) .exe, .ocx, .msi, .cab, .dll
  • Kernel Software
  • Adobe AIR
  • Java
  • Mozilla
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Silverlight

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"Very fast delivery. Installation was easy with no problems. If you are installing a wildcard SSL certificate on cPanel, you need to specify the actual domain name, don't try to install it on *.domain.com , you have to install it on each subdomain such as admin.domain.com, shop.domain.com,..etc. Use the same certificate for each subdomain you install. Good luck!"

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